Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Because men choose bad role models

Woods can win Masters - poll

Tiger Woods is happy to be playing the Masters.

Good for him.

And how remarkable, to be happy when in the last five months you’ve been able to ditch a wife and family you obviously have no time or respect for, and still remain a favourite with the blokes. I can’t think why he’s got an ear to ear grin.

And what’s his response? He’s promised to show more respect for his fans.

I’ll be he will! It’s a big love-in !

Now, to be fair, I have heard some radio commentary and men in my circle say they are appalled by tiger Wood’s behaviour and that they have no time for the guy.

However, I have also been subjected to, over and over (on my radio) men speaking out in sympathy for the man.

He has what he wants. He’s ditched the old ball and chain. He doesn’t need our sympathy!

Men have to wake up and realise that THEY invented marriage! Marriage increases the male life span and reduces the woman’s. In fact, women have found it much easier to liberate themselves in the workplace than they have in the home space. It’s in the marital arrangement that men find themselves so lucky.

So why do they screw up marriages? And more than that, why do they celebrate the men who break up their own marriages?

If ever there was a case for the irrationality of men, this is it. The choice to screw up your marriage is entirely emotional and has no logic or rationality tied to it what so ever.

And to admire the man is even more stupid than messing up your marriage yourself.

I heard one commentator say on the radio today – “If Tiger wins the Masters it will show us what incredible mental discipline the man has.”

Um – I think that has already been shown.

And the answer is – none.

In romance novels, men like Tiger Woods always get shown up. They get beaten by the hero, humiliated by a rejection from the heroine and are forced to slink off, tail between legs, a totally defeated man. No wonder women love them so much.


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