Saturday, April 17, 2010

Because men criticise women drivers when they are worse drivers

“If your wife wants to learn how to drive, don’t stand in her way.”  Sam Levenson

I was driving through town the other day and I was on the phone to my girlfriend. I had headphones in, so both hands were on the wheel and I was driving, just I was talking as well – exactly the same as if I had her sitting in the car next to me.

This however, didn’t stop a stocky man in the van behind me, beeping is horn and making a “drive don’t talk” sign at me in my rear view mirror. I started at his hand signals for a moment while we were stopped at lights then continued on when the light went green, both with my driving and my conversation. When there was distance between my can and his, I looked back to notice, his right blinker was stuck on, and everyone behind him thought he was turning right at each road that he passed.

This I find to be a common occurrence. Men will criticise women’s driving while their own is subpar. How do we know male driving is subpar? They pay more for insurance. No further conversation required. When it can be cited in financial terms, the money is the clearest thing you’ll ever encounter. Men are worse drivers.

Primarily the reason men are worse drivers is the issue of them getting pissed off at everyone else on the road and not focussing on what they’re doing. Driving is a little like fixing the taps. It’s one of those marks of manhood. Every man thinks that they need to  / already do it well, and that it is some sort of genetic superiority as if they’re Michael Schumacher. Somehow this genius is a given.

And yet, statistically, and in raw financial terms, women are better driers. Why? Because they don’t suffer from Michael Schumacher syndrome.

In romance novels the men are good drivers. Always. Without exception. Women do actually love great drivers, therefore many of their favourite heroes, are great drivers.


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