Monday, April 19, 2010

Because men think avoiding emotion is superior

Men have trouble expressing themselves. This is no secret. They have never practised it and as a result they have not properly developed the part of their brain that facilitates good communication.

However, where a woman would self examine and do something about this, men choose instead to say that what they lack, is really a strength.

Men don’t openly say not caring about emotion is superior, but they will show it in their behaviours, and in the outright disdain they will show for someone who dares to show some emotion. They will roll their eyes or scoff at a request for feelings being expressed in some way, or they will give a feeling like “my stomach hurts” instead of their intuitive response to the issue being discussed.

Now instead of recognising that they can’t do something, they will, instead give “excuses” like;

“Can we get on with it please? I don’t see the point of this.”

“Emotions are really a woman’s domain.”

“I don’t think emotional discussion belongs in the work place.”

All of these inaccurate statements imply he is superior for not wanting to talk about emotions. When really, all that is going is, he can’t because he hasn’t taken the time to develop the skill.

And if we have trouble getting men to express themselves in the work place, heaven help the poor female trying to get them to say something from the heart at home.

In romance novels, the men discuss their emotions eventually, even if it takes them a while to be able to do that. At some point they will come around to it and then they will keep talking about it so that they practise more and get better at this important skill that men have.

Oh – PS! There are more emotions than anger and euphoria.


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