Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Because men think they know more about women's bodies than women

I learned recently that in my country (Australia) they can’t make pornographic films with female ejaculation hitting someone else, because it is considered urination.


I was also talking with an ardent biological determinist recently who was determined to convert me to his brand of nonsense. When I told him there were two absolute definitive proofs that sex is not just about procreation, and both of these could be found in women’s bodies, it was difficult to get him to concentrate for long enough to tell him. I said:

  1. The pill. When women knew for sure they couldn’t get pregnant, it created a massive social movement around free love and women came out on mass to have unrestricted sex.

  2. The clitoris. Because it is almost impossible for it to be stimulated during penetrative sex.

Men have been trying to tell women for years and years that if they don’t have sex with them they will contract a kind of madness. Wombs were thought to be a source of manic depressive behaviour not to mention an organ desperately in need of a male.

I know this is an old example, but it is still true today – as seen in my earlier examples. The medical profession (a very masculine entity) likes to think that it understands women’s bodies far better than the women do. So women are laughed at for thinking their symptoms are any worse than a little boredom and can’t be prescribed a bex, a cup of tea and a good lie down.

In this area men simply haven’t caught up with knowledge and information. There is much more we know about women’s bodies than ever before, now that it has been decided they are worth examining and worth looking at as different from a male body.

Of course, this is not all men. There are men who like to think that women have special physical needs that mean they need the medical advice of other females. Some men are waking up to the fact that women’s bodies can’t be explained in the typical way we think of men. But these men are sadly few.

In romance novels, of course, the women’s body is celebrated. Men don’t think they know more about it and the thing they want more than anything is to worship a woman at her body, not own and control it.


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