Thursday, April 15, 2010

Because men use sex to avoid life

One of the great male catch cries is that they can't help themselves, but they think about sex all the time.

On the whole, women have never really bought into this one. Ad why is that? because basically, we know that we too could think about sex all day, but we have to get the house cleaned, our work done, the children bathed the household fed and the house cleaned again at the other end of the day.

Perhaps, we think, if all we had to do was go to work and put he garbage out, then we might have time for a lot of pornography and masturbation.

Men use the sex excuse to get them out of properly engaging with life.  Now it is not just women they use this against. They use it against themselves as well.  They manage to convince themselves that their porn addiction is natural, that the way the objectify a pretty woman in the street and reduce her to a series of sexual body parts is healthy and that always wanting to have sex, but never wanting to go down on her is normal.

Basically men use sex as a distraction. They use it so they don't have to confront something they have to do, or some deep emotional promise they have made to themselves. they use it as an escape and as a way to get out of using their minds and their bodies for the tasks they really should be getting on with.

Perfect proof of this is the fact that the entire sex industry is kept sleazy, under wraps and secretive. If men REALLY needed all this sex like a health issues, they would have a lot more respect for sex workers and these men and women would have a prominent, important role in society. But they don't. The entire sex industry is laced with guilt, and ill feeling, and basically this comes down to one simple fact. You think you shouldnt be doing it.

In romance novels the men always want to have sex with the heroine and they always want to make her cum first and give her lots of lovely orgasms, and that is why women fall in love with those men, over and over and over again.


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