Friday, April 16, 2010

Because women are afraid of whores

My dear women friends!

We have to get over our fear of sex workers.

We have to stop the Madonna / Whore complex. We can do it. It is possible, but it will take the leadership and the courage of women to change this – not the men.

I read an article recently about younger women who were losing their virginity to male sex workers (prostitutes), because they wanted to be sure their first time was safe, with an experienced male, who gave them lots of orgasms.

Now besides the obvious set up for a life time of disappointment when she goes out and has to deal with real men, I can’t see any problems with this idea. In fact, I think it is wonderful. I wish I had this idea when it was time for me to lose my virginity.

Think about it. If you have any of those “girly” issues, you don’t have to play it out with your best friend when you’re both dunk at a party – you can go and see a sex worker and see if you’re really bi.  If you’re having a slump in your love life, you and your man can go and see a sex worker or a sex working couple and watch together, or play together depending on the comfort rules you have between you.

The main thing here is, ladies, that the only way to stop the great divide between free woman and the woman who charges for her services, is to break it down ourselves. Men certainly won’t, because it is men who think that sex workers are sleazy and represent the ugliness of life. It is in the interests of misogyny to keep sex workers in the dark halls, the closed doorways and under the dimly lit street lamps. It disempowers the male paradigm if we are able to bring sex work out in the open. Can you imagine the conversations it could generate?

“You have to try my dentist – he’s the best.”

“You have to try my masseuse – he’s the best”

“You have to try my whore – he’s the best.”

In romance novels neither women nor men have any need for whores, but if they do turn up, they are treated with great respect because in romance novels there is no need for jealousy between women and whores – everyone understands each other.


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