Sunday, April 04, 2010

Because women hold back in sport

“You fight like a girl.”

One of the ways you learn to win in life is by pushing yourself. Going that extra mile, making something happen that otherwise wasn’t going to happen. Forcing a thing into the universe and knowing that if it wasn’t for you, that thing would never have happened.

Boys learn this skill in sport. They learn to risk looking a little foolish to get the final score the way they want it. They learn to play as a team and they learn to feel the flow of movement behind them as they ride a wave of momentum.

Like many social constructs that have outlived their time, this is largely on the way out. Girls and later women do excel in sport and do find themselves trying hard these days. It is not like the old days when women were actively discouraged from playing sport.

However, even though women have more opportunities to involve themselves in sport, even when they do, it rarely attracts a competitive spirit within them. They will get into sport to look good or to lose weight or for some other reason that is not necessarily competitive.

Trying your hardest at sport teaches you important lessons. Besides all the benefits of health it also teaches you what you can do if you try. It is empowering to run fast. It is exciting to set a goal and then exceed it. All these small steps teach you how to be something great in your own life.

Women have to learn how to be competitive at sport, even if they are only competing against themselves. It is only by stretching yourself to the next level that you realise how much you can achieve. They have to get over the girly way of doing things in the gym and find their inner aggression, and turn it into something competitive. And if you try to tell me women aren’t aggressive, I will tell you to take a good hard listen to the latest gossip that you hear between two women. That will show you how nasty, competitive and aggressive women can be.

In romance novels women don’t have to achieve and they don’t have to stretch themselves because they are usually challenged by terrible circumstances that take them away from their normal everyday life anyway. The life of the Romance novel heroine is an exciting fast paced one and she is always being challenged to move beyond where she is today.

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