Sunday, April 18, 2010

Because women never stop talking

Everyone at some point in their lives, needs to learn to stop talking and get on with it.

It’s one of life’s little horror lessons. You think everyone is enthralled with you and your day and then one day you find out that they’re not. Someone says something that is a little harsh about you being a huge talker, or something happens for you to unmistakably notice the looks of boredom on people’s faces. Everyone goes through it.

However, for some reason it will take woman a very long time to work this one out.

Women will talk to hide their nerves, or (heaven forbid) when they don’t really know what to say. Women will talk when they are unhappy and when they are happy They will demand an audience in their girlfriends and their partners in this exercise.

The old stereotype of the nagging wife or the chatty girlfriend is often true. Women do need to learn to occupy their minds with higher thoughts and sometimes stop and listen to someone else for a while. When you’re listening to your best friend talking to you, you shouldn’t be mentally going over what you’re going to be saying so that you don’t forget it. That is not politeness. Politeness is actually LISTENING to what your friend / partner / child has to say and then responding to it based on a proper response.

This takes woman a long time to learn. They listen for a while, then they need to tell you about their situation or they need to tell you why your situation is just the same as theirs and then they need to go over and over their situation till you can really see that it is the same as yours (except perhaps a little bit worse).

In romance novels usually the woman finds an adoring endlessly fascinated audience in her lover. She doesn’t need to justify what she says; he is hopelessly addicted to every blessed word that comes out of her mouth. And that is partly why women love them so much

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