Sunday, April 25, 2010

Because women think emotion is everything

While I have said earlier this month that men think emotions are nothing because they are bad and communicating their emotions, the exact reverse is true for women. They think emotions are everything because that is what they have studied and practised.

Sometimes, emotional connection is used as a way of not dealing with the real world. Another word for it is drama. Drama is used to avoid many things in life that need to be done or need to be taken responsibility for.

Women call this important, this overindulgent outpouring of emotion. Sometimes, it is important.

However, mostly it is just a chance to keep conversation focussed on yourself, or delay taking action on something that needs to be addressed.

Excessive drama and emotionality is the kind of thing that gets eliminated through sport. You can’t perform on drama; you have to get the activity done no matter how you “feel”. This is an area where men have it sorted and women don’t. The more physical exercise a woman takes the less room for drama and lengthy chit chat on nonsensical issues that take up all her time.

Using emotions in this way also creates a barrier to really being able to read the emotions of others. Women are very good at this, except when they are hyper drama queens. Then they read everything through the spectacles of their own situation, and usually miss what is actually going on for the other person.

In romance novels women are still hyper drama queens, but it’s different because in fantasy women can be as dramatic as they want and still get lots of things done / faced / conquered.


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