Monday, April 26, 2010

Ten stupid things that men say

You know...sometimes it's not necessary for me to point it out.  Sometimes it is so damn obvious, no one can miss the stupidity! Men can say the dumbest things in the world.

Well.. lets write them in a list shall we? here is a few, If you have some good ones to add, I'd love to hear your comments!

  1. She’s big like you (Charming)

  2. BF -  I want to set my mate up with your friend. GF – why do you think he would like her? BF – because we have the same taste in women. (That one is pretty good)

  3. That ass makes your jeans look fat. (I bet he didn't get a second date)

  4. Did I forget to tell you I am disabled? (This actually happened to me!)

  5. You know if you had liposuction you’d be really hot. (This is said more often than you may realise)

  6. You can cook whatever you want – It’s your birthday! (I suspect most men have thought this one, and some men have stopped before saying it)

  7. I bet you were gorgeous when you were younger (Bingo - I had this one too - nothing a girl likes to hear more than how much he wishes she was younger)

  8. Is that your real hair colour? (no explanation required)

  9. Do you have a hot sister. (Again - no explanation required)

  10. Hey I was just LOOKING at her! (One of my personal favourites because we ALL KNOW he wasn't JUST looking at her)

Don't worry - the women get their turn tomorow. But till then, add to this list! I bet there are HEAPS more stupid things the guys say!

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