Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ten stupid things women say

Well I promised yesterday. On this blog we tease men one day and women the next. So here today are my top ten dum things women say. Can you think of more? I bet you can. List them down below.

  1. Do I look fat in this? (Lets be very clear here. Unless you want an answer that is the same in your mind as 'yes' do not ask this question.)

  2. Would you sleep with her? (Same as above)

  3. Do you fantasize about other women? (he does. Just like you fantasize about other men. It is not something you need to fear.)

  4. Do you watch porn? (Why embarrass him with this revelation. Unless this is going to be followed by 'because I have my complete set of 70's vintage porn here with me, don't embarrass him like this)

  5. I’m a man’s woman. (Trying to curry favour with men by putting women down is a bad move)

  6. I’d love to have a threesome with another woman and you. (unless you are REALLY bisexual and this is something you really need, don't go there. DO NOT do this thinking you will mesmerize him with your powers of seduction)

  7. I’d really just like to stay home and look after a man right. (even if you THINK you want this, don't say it)

  8. I’m sure he didn’t mean it. (He did)

  9. It won’t happen again. (It will)

  10. But he said he’s sorry. (Sorry doesn't cut it unless it means it will never happen again. )



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