Monday, May 10, 2010

Because men can't have sex with women they respect

“Why can’t you do those things with your wife?

Hey! That mouth kisses my children.” - Analyse This

Sex is very screwed up in men’s minds. For a group of people who claim to be crystal clear about what they want, the typical man's mind is a minefield of unresolved desire, confusion and lack of direction around the issue of sex.

Men have trouble having sex with women they respect.  Now this should tell us something very big. It should tell the girls who think they can use sex to 'get' a man that your far less likely to be able to get him if that’s why you're putting out. And for the women who wait, it tells them they can expect to never have exciting dynamic sex with a man because if he respects you too much he won’t be able to do it with you properly.

This is the secret behind men cheating on wives. Forget all the nonsense about natural sexual drives. Men want to have sex outside of relationship because they can’t get that “thrill” from their wives.

Add to this the power issue – where men want to dominate women through sex and you have a messy cocktail of confusion and irrationality that has men in response to their emotions on this issue all the time and never taking a leadership position on it.

Men have tried to pretend for centuries that there is 'some mysterious biological force' behind this irrational behaviour, but it has never stuck – primarily because despite the millions of dollars poured into scientific research in this area, they just can't prove it true.

Can you guess why?

In romance novels the men have passionate love affairs with their partners and it never ends. The great attentive (and I mean attentive toward her) sex continues on and on for years – and that’s another reason why women love them so much.


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