Monday, May 31, 2010

Because men claim superiority through falsehoods

We have had so many of them. Lies that have traveled through the ages and they are all supposed to keep men at the top of the ladder, above women and children.


Here is my top ten list of the lies men tell to convince themselves and everyone else they are at the top of the pecking order:


1. God is a man


2. God made women second (to be a helper to the man)


3. Men can make a baby in their 80's just as well as they can make a baby in their 20's


4. Men are analytical / women are emotional and this is in the brain fuction of each sex (Analytical is superior to emotional)


5. Attractive women who are raped asked for it (and rape was once the natural way of procreation - that one really is a doosey)


6. Men are good at maths and sciences. Women are good at english and cooking


7. Even though men tradionally go out and work all day and women stay home, we still say the woman works for the man


8. Woman's greatest pleasure comes from having a baby


9. Men naturally want more than one woman


10. Testosterone makes you aggressive (science has just this year found this to be false)


Within each of these lies is an intricate web of deciet that extends beyond opinion to habit, and trough to legislation. Some of the above myths are still defended today and many of them are still part of the popular culture. All of them are designed to make men feel superior to every other creature on the planet.


I think the problem here is male self esteem really. If they need lies this extensive and need to build entire civilizations around them, there is a serious problem. A friend of mine and I were watching a program on the full covering that some Muslim women wear one day. As we watched the women walking around dressed head to tow in black, not even a glimpse of their eye possible, my friend said "Man, they must be so afraid of their women."


And so it is. All of the above mythologies are based on attemtps to counteract fear.


In romance novels, because they are written by women, the men simply don't have the above problems. Women don't properly understand this, as they tend to buy into the culture of lies and muddle their way through. So the men in romance novels are bastions of strenght and power and might.



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