Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Because men have a packed staduim cheering them on everywhere they go

This is one of the secrets that women don't know about men that I have accidently found out.

Every now and then - now more than ever before in time - men slip up and let us know what they are thinking. The male mind has always been an enigma for women. We've never been able to quite figure them out. We've been told that they're our heroes and they will rescue us from everything, but when we get close to one, the relationship feels strangely like they are just a boy/man and you are actually the one doing the rescuing.

Women have always assumed they were wrong about their suspicions, and men will use all sorts of tricks to keep women from realising they are actually on to something. One of the best tricks was simply not to talk. Not to communicate their thoughts at all. We women assumed deep and amazing things resided there.

And so we are introduced to one of my all time favourite little things that goes on in the male mind.

The packed stadium cheering them on.

Do you remember seeing little boys playing football, some other sport, skateboarding, riding their bike etc, pretending to the commentator as they go through the motions? Well, that never goes away. Men just learn not to say it out loud.

Trust me when I tell you, when a man leans over and catches something as it's about to fall - he hears a packed stadium cheer for him. When he finds a car space that was lucky, when he overtakes someone by going over the speed limit, when he scores a point of whoever he is arguing with or when he successfully crosses the road without being hit by a car, he imagines thousands and thousands of people cheering him on.

Don't ask me.  I'm just telling you how it is.

In romance novels the men usually DO have crowds of adoring fans cheering him on. Either that or he is a moody loner. Either way, the most important thing in the world to the romance hero is the woman he is in love with and no stadium roar can rival the thrill of her voice telling him she loves him.


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