Friday, May 07, 2010

Because men misrepresent themselves on dates

I know this can be said for women. I know that women can be blamed for being something that they aren't.

But men are terrible at this one. I thought at first they were bad enough of the internet with lying about their lives in order to get women in, but this extends to real life.

And before you tell me it's just to get laid I come back with  - I WISH THAT WERE THE CASE!

But it is a complete mystery to me why men will tell tall tales on dates when they intend to keep seeing the woman they're out with. If you tell her your wealthy (or give that impression) all that is going to happen is she will have to find out at some point you have been lying about that.  So it is always important to come clean. Don't fake that your writing a book if you aren't, don't fake the place you work, don't fake the amount of money you have and definitely don't fake you have hair if you haven't! (I had my own experience with a man who has since courageously taken off the fake hair and is ten times sexier without it!)

Men will even (and this one is a complete mystery) fake not wanting a relationship when they really do want one! Now the stereotype is in his favour on that one, so it only makes a man look cool if he is up front about his desire for a relationship.

The thing is gentlemen, you will attract the wrong women if you fake something. Any lie to tell to make yourself look better will make you look far worse when she finds out the truth (and let me tell you she will find out. You can't hide a hair piece forever)

Men will fake that they have a lot of money and then get angry with their Barbie looking girl leaves them when she finds out he is not rich. They will get upset when the athletic girl leaves them when she finds he can't run a marathon - he can't even get around the block. They get upset when the social climber girlfriend leaves them when she finds you're not heading up the gold desk at Goldman Sachs. If you fake it - you aint gonna make it.

I think of them all, the worst faking is when a woman finds out over time that the man has a child or worse still a wife. Please gentlemen - these little facts matter, and they really belong in the first date (or actually at the asking out) moment.

In romance novels the men  never lie about their circumstances (unless they're being hunted by a dark lord through time and keeping the secret is for her protection) but they may forget to tell her some things. These things always turn out to be his mansion, his mountains of cold hard cash or that he is the air to the throne of England.

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