Sunday, May 16, 2010

Because men think a bunch of flowers cures every problem

Don’t get me wrong. Women LOVE a bunch of flowers.

However, not very much when they are used to cover up certain sins, or when they are magically produced in response to his own guilt.

And women can sense guilt from a thousand miles away. We can SMELL it.

Receiving the bunch of flowers is awful when you know that he has done something wrong. When he was out too late with the boys after promising an early night, or staying late at the office on date night, but the absolute worst is when a woman gets the flowers and she doesn’t even know why she received them. She’s not sure but she knows something is up.

In this case, and in the guilt cases, the flowers act more as an ever-present reminder of all the horrible mean things you did to her. They can magically remind her, not just of this current misdemeanor, but also of the multitude of sins you have accumulated in the past that you were sure flowers could erase (remember she’s keeping score).

Flowers are more meant to be:

a)      Spontaneous

b)      A sign of your love and devotion to her

That is really what the flower thing is all about.

In romance novels the men never get flowers by way of an apology unless the problem has already been discussed and he knows it is safe to do so. Come to think of it, guys in romance novels send flowers all the time out of guilt, however one thing that seems to always happen is they get rejected when they do.


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