Saturday, May 22, 2010

Because men think putting your life in danger is brave

Putting your life in danger is very rarely brave.

In a culture that has a strange and disjointed relationship with death, there are fewer opportunities to engage with death than men think.

There are very few people in our western culture - if any - who are actually in touch with their own impending death. If you are religious in any way, you think there is an afterlife and death is not the end.  Even if you are not religious at all, it is not until much later in life and the physical manifestation of some evidence that we even start to think we may die. Till then it is all denial.

Therefore, most of the young men doing death-defying acts, don't think they are going to get hurt. 

Which is my point.  Really, when you have no reality around death; when it's all a theory and you don't think it will ever happen to you, bungee jumping or rapid surfing isn't actually a brush with death.  Therefore, it isn't that brave. So all those teenage boys in cars driving at full pelt after three am are not brave. They're stupid.

My top five things that men do that they think are brave that are really just stupid are:

1. Bungee jumping

2. Shark Diving

3. Racing street cars late at night on public roads

4. skateboarding down main busy streets

5. Rock diving

And that's just a few of the dumb things many guys will go through in order to look "brave" to their mates.

 In romance novels the men / heres are always confronted by real problems, real dramas, real possibility of death, so heroism is real and people fear consequences enough to be careful.  Women understand this sort of heroism and respond to hit with great affection. Extreme go-cart racing however, does not get them in the same way.


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