Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Because men think they won't get hurt

Have you ever noticed it isn't the little girls in the doctors waiting room with their heads stuck in chairs, their ears caught between bars and their fingers permanently stuck in fingertips?

This is because women, girls or adults, just don't do that sort of thing.  If a girl sees a high diving board and thinks she'd like to take a jump, I promise you that if her casual eye rests on one out-of-place bolt, or the slightest evidence of a rickety foundation, and she is out of there. I promise.

Not the man. He will continue on and fall or make it depending on forces he's handed his life to.

I am not sure why they do it, but men seem to have a talent for the worst self-care common sense in the world.  They'll happily toss kids off balconies into waiting pools, as mothers scream and beg them to stop. They will ride bikes in dangerous city streets or down hills without using hands; feet shamelessly off the pedals. They will sit happily under a car jacked up on uneven rock piles as they 'get to work.'

What, however, is even harder to understand, is why women love them so much for these crazy acts of irresponsibility. I can't get my head around it myself, but women do love men for their craziness.  And that begs the question, who is really the crazy one here.

In romance novels the men are just as crazy as men in real life because women do love the spark so much.  the only difference is, of course is the heros in the books are just fictional characters. It's the REAL men out there doing these crazy things that we have to worry about.

Thanks for the above pics goes to the dumb things men do post here.


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