Monday, May 03, 2010

Because women belive everything men tell them

You may think this isn’t a problem.

But it is.

Because as we have previously seen, men lie.

I don’t mean they tell white lies. I don’t mean they stretch the truth.

I mean they haven’t learnt the real value of honesty yet.

So for a woman to assume a man speaking to her is the same as a woman speaking to her, is an enormous mistake.

I am not implying women are more truthful, just that they have learnt the value of allowing themselves to be a little vulnerable every now and then.

Men have not learnt this yet and have yet to evolve into an appreciation of all that can be gained by allowing yourself to be a more open just sometime. Now before you get all upset, I know there are a lot of men who are willing to do this and lord knows there are a lot who are trying and that is definitely better than it ever has been.

But just as women have got to learn to be competitive in a way that results in their own advancement, so men have got to learn this little one.

But this isn’t about the men.

This is about the women who refuse to listen to themselves and listen to their men instead, only to find out later that they have been lied to and that their instincts were spot on all along. I am encouraging you to be brave enough to listen to your instincts. To take it all in and find out a way to muddle through.

After all, co dependence is what you want, and being an autonomous individual, who can still love, will get you there faster than being in denial and listening to everything he says.

In romance novels men don’t lie. They’re written by women for women, and they are always the ideal man and that means he just never lies.


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