Sunday, May 09, 2010

Because women don't have to do anything to be famous

I hesitate to mention Paris Hiltons name, because I have been recently educated on the inappropriate motivations behind slut bashing. And we can say she might not be so famous if her boyfriend hadn’t distributed private images of her having sex without her consent.

But what about Nicole Richie? Kelly Osbourne? Peaches Geldof? These women have not had to do anything to be famous. They are literally famous for being famous. Just as Suri Cruise will be.

Now this doesn't seem to happen to men in the same way. Men are expected to do something. It doesn’t have to be much – boy band, short film, some time running a branch of daddy's company – but all women have to do is turn up and wear a famous frock.

Which is irritating in itself but it gets really annoying when women start to expect that sort of treatment even though they haven’t done anything. Or, they expect to be treated like a queen when they have done very little. And suddenly we have – the princess.

Princesses expect things without having earned them. Princes don’t exist. This is strictly a female disease. Women think they 'deserve' simply because they exist. They are filled with entitlement.

In romance novels women aren’t famous for being famous but they do get things without having to do much to earn them. Because they're written by women and so many women think they are entitled without actually having to do something, women in romance novels are the same.


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