Friday, May 28, 2010

Because women get plastic surgery on their vaginas

So many different things have been blamed for this  - porn being the top of the blame list - but I really think you can't go past blaming women for this one.

I mean, the frist question is why? Why on EARTH would you do something like this?

If its fo self-esteem, you'd be better to see a shrink. If it's for feeling or stimulation, you'd still better see a shrink. And if it's for the man, then you REALLY had better see a shrink.

I really have to ask, is there a man alive that will be engaged in sex with a woman he's attracted to, and stop, reverse, and leave the room if he gets to undressing her and finding out she hasn't had reconstructive surgery on her vagina?

The scary thing about this, is that the procedures women are having done, don't actually make them look more like a porn star. A porn star with giant fake breasts has a more "female" looking vagina than these post operative women.

That means they are not getting it done for their man. In the majority of the cases, the women cite improved self-esteem as the reason for getting it done. They can only feel good about themselves if a surgeon trims away any of their unsightly bits. (shudder) I really don't think porn and men can be blamed for this one.

In erotic romance novels there is one common thread, one line that you can always count on being uttered, and that is the one where the hero compliments his woman on her vagina.

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