Saturday, May 15, 2010

Because women keep score in their minds

Make no mistake. This goes on. Even when you think she isn’t doing it. Even when she says she isn’t doing it. Even when she swears she isn’t doing it. She is keeping score in her mind.

It goes like this:

“Honey, can you get more bread this week with the shopping? We are out again.”

Oh, he thinks we’re out of bread does he? Well he ought to try shopping at the store four times a week with a small toddler who screams at least ten times that they don’t want to be there, and he should work out JUST ONCE what food is going to be consumed before he is so critical, and how many times has he gone shopping anyway? I can tell you, there was the time with his mother that day when the baby was first-born, the sick weekend when I really needed soup (and that doesn’t really count because all he got was soup) and the time I had to go away with work and I left him deliberately with no food in the in the house. That is it. Literally three times he has ever done the shopping.

“Ok Hun. I’ll get more bread this week.”

Any man who reads that and thinks “no way! My wife is not that psycho freak” I’m sorry to tel you – she is. That is why when you sneak up behind her and try to kiss her on the cheek by way of saying thanks, she will push you away and you will wonder what you have done.

It’s just that she’s keeping score. She knows how often you change the kids diapers, how often you ask about her mother, how often you take out the garbage compared to getting it ready and she knows how often you have gone down on her compared with her going down on you.

This is why for most men, no matter how innocent a thing you think you have said, you are actually walking into a mine field when you try to communicate about anything with a woman.

In romance novels the men somehow, magically know what the women are counting and what they are worried about and they are able to preempt her concerns and meet her needs without her ever having to take responsibility for them and tell him about it. And that is another reason women love them so much.


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