Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Because women want trinkets instead of love

Do you know why women need so many external indicators of the love they share? I mean, we all know that love is all about the person right? And it is women who tend to be the most critical of this belief and claim to really be all about love…

And yet, when push comes to almighty shove, they want a material indicator of love.

I understand that this is difficult for a man to understand. But you have to cross reference this with some of your own experiences. For example, have you ever had such a great night out that you kept the ticket into the concert, game or the train ticket to the event? Have you ever found it hard to throw away something cheap, ugly and sometimes downright unhygienic because it has strong memories attached?

If you have had some of these experiences, you will understand why women need trinkets. It is the outward evidence of the love life. It is the physical manifestation of the relationship. Naturally, the more beautiful / expensive the trinket, the more credibility given to the relationship.

Except that we all know this isn’t the case, don’t we? We all know that the relationships are no better if the ring cost an extra ten thousand dollars.

So why do women still want the expensive jewelry?

Is it just blatant insecurity – like if the ring is huge then he really does love me and won’t leave me when I’m old and grey? Or is it just to show off to friends, so they get to say “wow, he must really love you to have gotten you a rock that big” or is it so you have something concrete to sell off in the divorce.

I’d like to suggest it’s all of the above. Maybe women are that romantic after all.

In romance novels the ring and other trinkets is never important to the women – and yet miraculously they get their expensive rings almost every time.



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