Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Because women won't learn about their money

Women still, after all this time, after all the divorces, after all the marriages where they discover the white knight doesn’t exist, still refuse to get a good handle on their money issues.

Part of the problem is that women equate saving with being on a diet. They are depriving themselves and doing something they must do over something they want to do. It’s like you are taking something from yourself and the world is making a demand on your freedom to be yourself.

The corollary of this is thinking you deserve to go shopping. You deserve to spend some money on yourself if you’ve had a bad day.

Of course when they run out of money, the best idea is to find a man who can pay the bills. This gets them off the hook, they get to use their best asset (their body covered in the ‘right’ clothes) and then everyone wins.

Except for the fact that she is now in his debt and will be for the rest of her life, this is still the solution many women will look to as the end of their money woes.

Without controlling money, women will continue to find themselves on a rollercoaster ride wanting to be rescued and needing to be taken care of. It’s a difficult realization to make, but women have to work harder at getting what they want on a long-term basis rather than being satisfied fulfilling their short-term needs.

In romance novels women still have money woes but their man is always willing and happy to help them out with the problems and he will do it without thinking he deserves something back.


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