Sunday, May 30, 2010

Because young women never think they are going to get old

This is actually a problem for both sexes, but while we live in a society that punishes women for getting old, women really have to come to terms with the fact that their cuteness isn't going to last forever.


there is little in the world more pathetic than the cute 55-year-old women using coquetry to navigate her way through social situations. Just observe next time you are out with a large group of older people. Watch the women use childish flirting techniques (batting the eye, giggling, squealing, shining eyes) to curry favour with men mostly but also with women.


Worse however, even than this, is the attitude of younger women, who use their looks to get thing that they want. And this is happening far more often than you realise. I know that beauty means power for a woman, but the thing about that is it also means you will lose your power. As soon as someone looking at you no longer sees you are desirable, you lose everything you gained. This places the beautiful person in a very dangerous position, and usually results in women desperately trying to look younger than they really are. 


Women - and I mean YOUNG women - really have to learn to get power from other sources such as control over ones finances, career and self-love. The more you can do this when you are young, the stronger and more powerful you will be when your looks start to fade. And considering most people live into their 80's these days, and many "men's blogs" still preach women are starting to lose it at 25 years old, that's a hell of  a lot of powerless years you're looking at.


Of course, young women, like young men, never think they're going to get old. Every woman still goes through deep shock when she starts to see lines appearing on her face that she never thought she would get. Older women look like that because they don't take care of themselves, they don't work out enough, they eat too much fat, they are too stressed blah blah blah she thinks. If a younger woman even contemplates about the issue that deeply, she simply can't imagine her face with the signs on aging on it.

Evidence of this lies in the numbers of younger self-satisfied women you see strutting down the street, taking pleasure from admiring glances from men (or starting at themselves endlessly in every reflective surface even though they are in public) and in the enormous amounts easily extorted from women by cosmetic companies delivering the anti aging promise.


In romance novels women come in all different shapes and sizes and ages. Deep down every woman, no matter how young, takes pleasure in the hope that one day her looks won't matter, and lives with desperate fear she won't have anything to replace them. Romance novels always assure her that in the end, her looks won't be the most important thing. And that's another reason intelligent women love them so much.



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