Monday, June 07, 2010

Because men can only have great sex when it's ugly or bad

I've alluded to this one a few times before on this blog, because its SUCH a doosey! We know what it's called. It's the Madonna / Whore complex. We know it is a problem. We know it needs to be cured.

And yet men still refuse to do anything about it.

They want their wife to be chaste, pure, and faithful, and they want the woman they have sex with to be a sleazy whore.

And belive it or not, women have fallen for this and have tried for centuries to provide both these things for their partners.

Now, I'm not 100% sure why sex between two married people can go a little stale. Sometimes there are external pressures - children, work etc. Sometimes there are health issues. For all I know monogamy may be a sure-fire way to kill sexual attraction.  I do know that it is a rare monogamous situation that doesn't have a dry patch at some point.

Usually when this occurs, a couple will turn to pornography. And because porn is largely made to satisfy men, a woman gets turned off (and possibly deeply insecure) pretty fast.

But he will stay. And stay. And stay.

Affairs, porn, prostitution, kink, perversions - you name it.  As long as it isn't their wife, pretty much, men will think it is sexy.  No matter how many men claim they wish their wives acted like a whore, it is their insecurities that have stopped women feeling sexually free. Madonna and the whore are each different sides of the same coin. One couldn't exist without the other. Each would have to make a radical transformation in order to live in harmony with the other, and if that were the case, then they wouldn't be the wife or the whore any longer.

In romance novels the women miraculously keep a highly sexually charged libido for the entire relationship and the men never get sick of them and never get soft. It's just the way of the ultimate fantasy world. (deep sigh) Who wouldn't want it?


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