Sunday, June 27, 2010

Because women have no sense of urgency


One of the masculine traits I have to confess to admiring is the will to win. There is something that gets triggered in men that sparks a desire to get ahead. Now this is usually seen in misplaced ways - such as racing everyone off at traffic lights, only to be caught up at the next red light (very embarrassing for said males - makes them look like total douches). However, that spark, when controlled and directed into something exciting, is the fire that almost ensures success.


This is something women have got to learn.


A lot of this is learnt on the sports field. It has been a problem in the past that women didn't really have access to competitive sports, but they do know and are working their way into that arena more and more as time gores on. 


However, women still have to understand that life is made of many small victories and although I do think women are, much better at winning the war than men are (we live longer for a start, which has got to be the ultimate win) we are very bad at winning battles.


Women just haven't worked out yet that small victories mean a lot. 


Partly this is because women have no sense of urgency. They don't get it about how powerful it is to give your absolute best to a project. Women will hold the best part of themselves back in every single one of their endeavours, only ever giving 80%. men know what it feels like to give 100% and therefore often wind up giving 110%. This is how the 4 minute mile gets broken, and then broken and broken and broken again.


When women work out that it is essential they push and push themselves, and that the small things in life REALLY matter, they will find that they can compete more powerfully in the day-to-day battle of accomplishments and self-love. For in the end, the only person who really knows that you havent done your absolute best is you, and the person who stands to gain from your 100% best effort is you also. 


In romance novels women give 100% all the time, and the women reading it love this about their heroines. Women know they don't give their very best all the time and that is why they love to read about heroines who do. 



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