Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Because women embellish their accomplishments

If men are able to get places without having to compete fairly (IE - they are rewarded in the business world all the time simply for being men) then women are guilty of making up lies about their accomplishments.

Look after the office on a Friday afternoon while the bosses are at drinks - that's called co running the office.

Land a job with a mate when you couldn't find work - that's called successfully starting your own business. 

Hate dealing with facts and figures - that's call thinking so big you lose interest in the details.

helped a creative friend one night when they were struggling with their project - that means you really should have gotten creative rights you tell your friends.

The boss tells you he was pleased with your effort - that means he went on about it all afternoon.

Talk a friend through some difficulties in the afternoon - that means everyone always comes to you with all their problems.

Drive the kids to and from school and a friends kids - that means you should have a bus or taxi licence.


Get the idea?


Women do this much worse than men. Men don't have to do it as much because they don't have to do as much to get the accolades that women are craving that they didn't receive. But the women don't want to be judged by the actual accomplishments - no they'd NEVER get rewarded if that were the case. They want to be judged on the rumours they start - not on the results they achieve. 


In romance novels women are happy to just be what they are because in the ideal state that is how every woman dreams it. Women, like men, are totally unprepared for dissatisfaction and therefore they prefer books where no one has to make anything up - they just live wonderful lives. 



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  1. ok this is just getting scary!
    do you know me? lol
    i've embellished a number of times. ok a lot of times.
    damn, i need to work on those results!