Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Because women think changing their hair means changing their life

You will see this over and over again.
If a woman wants a change (and women always want a change) they will make an appointment, and get their hair done.

Why? Why does changing the hair make a woman feel as though she’s changed her personality? Is it that women are so shallow they only exist in the eye of the beholder? Is it that women are inspired by something new? Does it take courage to change your hairstyle and this makes a woman feel as though she can take on the world?

Hair has always been important. If you don’t think so, ask a bald man or a woman wearing the hijab. They will tell you that hair represents something out of the ordinary for men as well as for women. In the bible it tells us that a woman’s hair is her glory. I don’t know much about Islam, but I am assuming they have a similar kind of philosophy laying behind the idea of head coverings for women.

If hair has always been a woman’s glory, then how does changing it reflect in that glory? Does it imply she’s brave enough to mess with her image? Does it mean for her that her glory is rejuvenated. Refreshed and taken on some sort of new life?

Why do we do it? I can say, as a woman that pays a fair bit of money to get her hair done, that it does make us feel wonderful when we do it. Or rather, having dull uninspired hair makes us feel very bad.
There is obviously some deep pathological undesirable separation between a woman and her hair. Hair is only loved when it is obedient. Or, even better, makes us look like someone else.

In romance novels women either always have great hair, or have a wonderful hunky stud of a man deeply in love with her no matter what her hair looks like. In romance novels, women are free from the trials of hair... and that's another reason we love them so much.


  1. My hair is the only trait I really like and I once cut it very short 2 years back because I was going through a lot in my life. I was desperate for a change... and you are right, hair is important to a woman and not just vanity. But I don't think it like it so much because it makes me look like someone else, only more of my personality with what hairdo I have.

  2. I can understand that. Women have a lot going on between them and their hair - you're right - we do change it when we need a change.
    Thanks so much for taking the time to make such a great comment!

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  4. I typically am very lazy with my hair and will go long stretches without getting it cut. When I feel like I'm stuck in a rut I tend to really put forward the effort to book the appointment for a haircut.

    I think its not so much believing that it will make me change, but when I look in the mirror with a new haircut I feel like a new person...refreshed, reborn, ready to take on any crazy challenge.

  5. Nice post!! It's so true. I was actually thinking of getting my hair "re-envisioned," as i call it because I need a change in my life. I'm hoping it's like a "Field of Dreams" type of thing where "if you [change your hair], they will come."

  6. I wonder how many women have had their hair done as part of their new year resolution?
    I know I am going to!