Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The 10 worst cleaning habits of women

Men don't so as much housework as women. Or so the theory goes.
While I agree this has a lot to do with men refusing, I must acknowledge that women have their own rile to play in this anomaly. 
Women like to control the house. Its not just about power over others, it is also about power over themselves. 
Controlling the shopping means you can administer any diets you are on. Keeping the house clean is one of the last power plays of a by-gone era. women are still allowed to complain that those around them aren't keeping the house tidy and this is still considered a legitimate complaint.

Then there is that whole female OCD thing. There is clean. Then there is commercial and industrial kitchen clean. And then there is the standard some women have in their homes.  

Please understand. 
You are not your house. 
When we walk into your house, and there is not a speck of dust or a thing out of place, we think you have an illness, or at the very least a weird fetish. You are not giving the impression you are powerful and in control. 

Ten worst cleaning / housework habits women have:

10. Ironing tea towel’s
9.Ironing underwear
8. Ironing.
7. Spring cleaning more than once a year
6. Cleaning the house more than once a week..
5. Putting things off till the housework is done.
4. Screaming at the family when they mess up behind you
3. Not teaching the kids / refusing to delegate roles
2. Placing linin away in the cupboard colour coded.
1. Matching the pegs when hanging washing on the line.  (it will not dry faster if the pegs are colour-coded)


  1. I'm just so satisfied that you dinged ironing 3 times in 3 ways, including just ironing alone. Funny!

  2. I hate ironing! :)
    It monster sux!