Sunday, August 28, 2011

Because men think Indie DJing is rebellious.

Some “white boy” rebellions I call “good college boy”. These are things good white middle class college boys will do in order to appear to be rebellious. One of these was discussed before on this blog – graffiti. Another is coke. Coke has to be the most main stream, pedestrian and tamed drug since dope.

The third is, Indie music, and becoming a DJ.

In order to be an Indie DJ you need to:  get a wild hair cut, wear your dad’s clothes in a cool way and get a tattoo. These are the most important things. A cool girlfriend helps, but once you are DJing plenty will come your way, so they are not so important.

What is not important at all is the music.

At least, the music itself doesn’t matter- but the style of music is desperately important. If you are going to be the coolest guy ever in the shortest period of time, then you need to be an Indie DJ.

Indie music is repetitive and unadventurous. 

This makes it perfect for fast access to looking like you know what you are talking about. Good Indie music can be recognised by how cool the people are who are wearing the bands t-shit. In five or six hours you can master a CDJ and that means you have everything you will need in order to be an excellent Indie DJ.

Few women want to be Indie Dj’s. They are aware this is a white boy’s domain, and their job is to have sex with them. Feminism is something both Indie sexes will claim for themselves, but the segregated roles are rarely transgressed.

Indie music does give the impression the people listening to it are very intelligent, mostly because no one has heard of the band names. Bizarrely, in the world of Indie music, obscurity is more important than talent, which is handy because often obscurity goes hand in hand with a lack of talent.  But young rebellious white college boys need this, in order to feel safe. So it has a very important role to play.

In romance novels there is no Indie music. That’s it. 

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