Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Because men think tribal tattoos are the mark of the warrior

Ok. There is something these men need to understand.

If you haven’t undergone the gruelling physical tests associated with becoming a warrior, getting the tattoo isn’t quite enough. 

I know it hurts. And I know you have to sit still for a long time. I know that you may have missed two or maybe even three footy games and I know it will be there forever and that was a difficult decision to make. 

Yet even all these passed obstacles aren’t the same as actually being a warrior.

You see warriors usually have fought in wars. This is not the same as glassing a dude you hate in the face when you are drunk at the pub. It is not the same as a head-high tackle. It's not the same as cheating on your girlfriend and almost getting caught. It is not the same as dirt bike racing with your mates. Just because you won at paintball last week, does not mean you have earned warrior tattoos.


So WTF is with this? Do any of these men really think we are now assuming they are warriors? Is this just the most soulful some men can get? Do they all genuinely love the art work?

I think the worst version of this – even worse than the arm band – is the full back one. For some reason it is assumed, because they have been working out at a gay gym, got drunk with their mates while masturbating to porn, and staggered out to get a warrior tattoo on their buffed bods that we will be afraid of them.  But of course, we’re not scared. We just think they’re gay. Which is excellent – if they are.

In romance novels warriors are usually warriors. As in - they fought in a war. This is why women are attracted to the warrior, not because of his tatts – even though she may find the tatts he earned very sexy. 

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