Thursday, August 25, 2011

Because women will buy bride magazines when they're not engaged.

Have you ever wondered, looking at all those bride magazines, how they stay in business? I understand every woman doing the large wedding thing will want to buy one of those mags. And it is true; she will buy every one in the shop when the wedding is first announced.

But what you may not know – a well kept secret amongst women – is often women (particularly younger women) will buy bride magazines when they are not even engaged. Often they are in a relationship, although sometimes this purchase may happen when they are single.

In a relationship is the wrong time to look at these magazines. Fantasising about the dress and all the other wedding crap is the absolute worst thing to do when you are trying a person on for size. Anyone will tell you it places too much pressure on the relationship and will end in tears. 

This doesn’t stop women dong it however.

There is something magical in the idea of your man proposing. I think it has to do with him wanting to give up his freedom or something. Realise when a man proposes to a woman she doesn’t think she now “has” him (women never really feel like that about their men) it’s more about the declaration to the world that he wants her. It is that public statement she’s after – not so much the idea of having him forever. 

If he wants to marry her, he wants his mates to know, his parents, and most importantly of all, his ex (and potentially future) girlfriends. Dwelling on the magazines holding the image of this promise, is a way of reminding you he hasn’t made that public declaration yet. 


In romance novels when men and women fall in love, it usually ends in a proposal, which usually makes the woman feel very safe and makes all her rivals feel nervous. This is another reason women love them so much.

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  1. Yupp, that's human nature all right. Funny how peoples behavior about the gender roles is so common with every generation of human kind, across cultures even. You would almost think its a genetic/hormonal predisposition that men and women have, respectively. Oh wait...