Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Because women will call each other "honey" and "darling".

I'm not sure where this one started. I know women didn’t do it when I was a young girl, although I did send my girlfriends Valentine’s Day cards. This was not so much to reveal emotions, but rather, it ensured they didn’t go a Valentine’s day without a card – which I guess is sort of way of me telling them how I feel.  To call them honey or darling, however, was considered a little odd.

Why?  Because it is.

Well, this happens all over the place now. Women everywhere are doing it.

Despite the supposed power of these words, between women the meanings are watered down to an odd mush of sentiment. Women will call each other “darling” and “sweetie” and “Hun” and more often than not end up sounding patronising. Why? 

Because it is. We bitched to high heaven when the men called us these names, claiming to feel marginalised because they’re demeaning. Well, they still are.

The worst place for this is on social networking sites and other internet sites. Tempers flare on the internet – no regulating force of the physical presence exists to warn us about how we talk to each other. The best way to tell if a woman is pissed off at another woman on any internet platform is if she starts to rabbit on about how much she loves the other woman. Especially if this arrives out of the blue.

Usually, it goes like this:

“Everyone you have to read this book on the 12 steps to complete inner peace. It totally changed my life.”

“I’ve read it honey?”

“Really?  Oh – did you enjoy it?”

“Yes. I thought it was very good. It really helped me through some tough times when I was less experienced. I don’t think it is as good as some of the other books I have read more recently though. I think it’s what you get out of it at the time that matters.”

“Oh darling, you always seem to have these things before me.”

“No no – that is not what I meant at all sweetheart.”

“No – it’s ok gorgeous. I don’t mind admitting when someone is way ahead of me spiritually.”

“Honey, no one is ahead of anyone. We are all just at the stage we are at. I just happened to be at this one four years ago. It means nothing about being ahead or behind.”

“I love you.”

“I love you too. You are the best.”

Could you feel the love?

In romance novels bitches are mean and friends are loyal. No one gets the two confused, and no one calls you something they don’t mean unless they are bad.

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