Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Because women will draw their eyebrows on


WTF is going on here?  Honestly, this is worse than the comb over. SURELY these women know we can tell they drew their eyebrows on?  I googled this question in search of an answer for this blog post, and I came upon over 5.5 million responses, none of which held any answers as far as I could see. 

Just page after page of people asking why on earth anyone would do this?

The oddest folk are the ones who pluck the entire eyebrow out and subsequently draw it back on. One of the forums I visited had a woman saying she shaves her eyebrows off and then draws them back on because the original set are uneven.


This still makes no sense what so ever. We can tell they are drawn on. Am I giving away a big secret here, or am I the only one who can tell?  Women who do this need to understand, we can tell you drew them on. I think this negates any possible advantage you may gain with the even eyebrows because now we are weirded out. Why? No one’s eyebrows ARE even. Even eyebrows are weird and we can tell right away you’ve drawn them on. 

Unless you are Marlene Dietrich or Greta Garbo (and please note the era these women were in the public gaze) you are not getting away with the drawn-on-eyebrow thing. It IS  like a comb over. See how we can all tell that hair isn’t growing from the top of his head? Well, that’s how we are about the drawn on eyebrows.

In romance novels women are not tempted to do this, over tan, ore poorly dye their hair. Mostly this is because any insecurity is done away with a stunning Greek God of a man telling her he is going a little insane for her oh-so-natural healthy good looks. And that’s partly why we love them.

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  1. Ikr many hispanic girls I knew in high school do this it was sickening! Never seen it in college though so far. Btw "why do intelligent women like romance novels" would be a great topic for a specific blog. I hope you can somehow find a way to make this very specific question apply to a whole host of other categories in order to effectively create a niche within your target demographic. I guess it worked I've been reading 2 hours and can't stop. Keep up the good writing and gl the blog n stuff.