Thursday, September 08, 2011

Because men pretend they want sex more than they do.

I know. 
I know.

1. You’re all going to protest.

2. This is a reoccurring theme on this blog.

But despite my resounding yes to both of those, this mystifies me so much, I am compelled to talk about it again.

Why do men do this?

Now it is true, that the men (and women) you find talking about sex the most are the ones who are not getting it. This is especially true of men. Any of your mates who are more obsessed than the others are the least satisfied. Especially if they talk about how much they are getting.

However, this is more about pretending you want it.

One of the secrets men don’t tell women, is that part of being out with the ‘mates’ is not having to think about sex. Being with the guys at the pub or in front of the game, means they are under no pressure to provide stud mentality to their mates, anonymous women, wives, parents, and all the other people that are watching them closely for signs of ‘normal’ behaviour.

And here we visit the heart of the matter.

Just as women live under the gaze, so do men. Men are constantly being watched for signs of masculinity. If women are oppressed recipients, men are forced predators.

This is not always the case of course. There are dangerous predatorial males, just as there are passive female victims. But for the most part, men are as forced into the ‘mating dance’ as women and it is comfortable and familiar to neither. Why men can’t stop pretending they want it is beyond me.

In romance novels, it’s honest. Every woman who has ever been close to a man knows of his desperate need for connection, and his desire for intimacy with one special woman. That is why they are uncompromising in their desire to reveal this. 

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  1. I sorta agree with parts of this (guy btw) but disagree with others. When I'm with my best friend he sometimes will yell as we drive by an attractive woman something to the effect of "Dude that chick is hot! Look at those leg dayum!!" Which compells me to look, notice that yes, she is pretty hot, and try to continue the conversation because who cares I mean if you go to walmart you'll find 10 girls just as hot there's no point obsessing over it... or so I think but then he is still staring at her and I'm thinking " wtf? Is this guy like mesmeriEd or something she's not THAT hot geez." For me when I notice a really hot girl I make a mental note of it but I don't obsess. Infact all the women I have been really genuinely attracted to over the course of my 21 year old life have been girls who are both attractive and smart, who are interesting to talk to with something unique about them that I can't quite put into words. But anyways back to your point, I'm not being "uncomprimising in my desire to reveal this", this isn't some scary, emasculating secret that I can't tell anyone - infact I'm very open about the fact that I am just as much turned on by a womans physical endowments as her intellectual ones. However just because I don't go gaga over any woman with a smile and a pair of boobies, doesn't mean I lack a sex drive and Id be very comfortable having sex 2-4 times a day. But the psychos who claim they'd like to just go at it 14 hours a day with tons of different women on one night stands are deluding themselves. That's just impractical.