Thursday, September 01, 2011

Because men will wear long socks and shorts

Bit of a fashion theme running this week, because – well because it’s so easy. I mean how many fashion faux pas can men commit? This one IS a doosey. 

Sooooo – if you’re gonna do the bare leg thing, what’s with the long socks?  
Terrified the mosquitos will get your upper shins as well as your ankles? Or are you one of those up-to-date men who are wearing sandals with this little ensemble? Worried about how exposed your tootsies might get? 

I’d suggest you weren’t too worried about exposure at all. 

See, this one is tough, because you’re covering up your legs. I am sure it’s a little cooler (as in breezier, NOT Fonzy-like) than the full leg pant, but it can’t be a cool as the shorter socks. I can’t see the hiding of a shiny-shin is the key thing protecting you from the cold. 

If it isn’t to protect you from the cold... then...I’m afraid to ask... could it be that you think it looks good; 
or perhaps a tad more sophisticated than the shorter socks. Or perhaps it’s thought to be a little ‘dressier’ than the short socks with shorts. So dressy in fact that you might trick people into thinking you are not the daggiest person who ever lived. 

I don’t understand this one. I can say (mercifully) that it seems to be going out of date. Let’s face it, few –er – younger men are doing this and that means one thing and one thing only.

It’s dying out. 

In romance novels this absolutely never ever happens.


  1. These are very accurate in their sizing. That's important. Don't have anything else to say.

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  2. It's more comfortable to wear short. But it's cold, so we need socks. Having a trouser with knee-cut is more fashion--nazis than having a short with long socks.