Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Because women are more manipulative than they think

Female manipulation is very subtle to each individual woman and screamingly obvious to all those around them.

We have the obvious manipulation: tantrums, passive aggressive sighing, martyring themselves and allowing negative feelings to overwhelm them.

Then we have the not so obvious manipulations.

A woman will discuss something she wants with her partner. If she doesn’t get what she wants, she will work the strategy a different way.

A good example of this is moving in. The boyfriend may claim he’s not ready yet. She will claim to agree. Then she will start forgetting her things. Leaving stuff behind, rearranging his clothes and things, cleaning up. These are all passive aggressive ways of getting what she wanted anyway. Before he knows it, four weeks are past and she’s been there every night she’s redecorated and your cat likes her more than you.

Another example of this is a little later in life when she might decide she doesn’t want him to spend time with one of his friends she has decided is bad for him. After a discussion where he might disagree, he will find to his surprise that the particular friend in question is never invited over anymore and that she is not available to look after the kids when he goes out with this friend.

Because women are able to operate in the realm of ‘relationship’ they can often be a little ‘flexible’ with the rules. Usually a man is no match for this. He will wake up and find things have gone her way and he can’t work out exactly when that happened, or worse, he won’t even notice things have gone her way at all.

In romance novels this does still happen, unfortunately. This is a shame, because I do think manipulation is a problem and is something that needs to be addressed within each individual.

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  1. have you read esther vilars the manipulated man or chinweizus the anatomy of female power check out my blog i have some papers that describe what you are saying