Friday, March 15, 2013

All For Nun Volumes 1, 2 and 3 Now Available

Vintage Erotica for the Spirit

All For Nun 1,2 & 3 is Barbra Novac's second Sexploitation trilogy, and it is now available through Amazon Kindle Publishing Direct here and Smashwords here, with further publication sources to be advised. 

Warning: These are highly explicit erotic novella that makes full use of religious beliefs, iconography and theologies that some readers might find offensive. Please take this warning seriously if you are likely to react in this manner.

A zealous beautiful young Nun, placed in the convent by her father in an attempt to control her lust, finds her appetites are put to good use in this snake pit of sexual couplings, both lesbian and heterosexual.

 The scandalous behavior of the priests is covered up by the church authorities, until Sister Melanie's wanton actions are noticed beyond convent walls. Now something must be done about her in order to protect those whose lust cannot be contained.

Purchase All For Nun Volume 1 on Amazon or Smashwords.

Sister Melanie discovers changing the true nature of a nymphomaniac Nun is harder than making promises to do so.The church and the local medical establishment can't balance her lust with their political aims, no matter how useful she is in curbing their desire. 

Sister Melanie is sent to the Island for wayward girls, a place determined to cure female sexual obsession. However, Melanie soon discovers there are demons more foul, more lecherous and more perverse than anything she saw in the priesthood.  

Now she is being used for dark urges that, although evil to the core, meet the dire need in her own core.

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Surrounded by beautiful nymphomaniacs, lesbian and heterosexual, Melanie should be in her element, however the dark devil worship she has found on the Island and the sexually aggressive nature of the Mother Superior and her evil practices forces Melanie to pine for the lover she met on
the boat coming over. 

When she discovers that she is to be impregnated by the great demon statue and give birth to devil himself, Melanie is in a race against time to get her and her friends of the Island forever.  

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