Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Spellbound Published

Well, its been a long time in the making, but Barbra's contemporary romance that puts a positive spin on BDSM is finally out!

Spellbound is the first in a series of three books, the others being Rope and Frenzy, that deal with the romantic relationship between Connie Berringer and Jack Sinclair that brings the pair together in a submissive/Dominant relationship where submission brings Connie to a greater self realization and empowerment, and draws Jack into a deeper trust with the woman who is giving herself to him so completely.

"I wrote these three books directly in response to the bad press Fifty Shades of Grey gave BDSM." Says Ms Novac.  "While that was a wonderful trilogy that I enjoyed very much, I felt it betrayed what sexual exploration in the world of kink can be, and in fact should be."

Currently, Spellbound is available on Amazon only for Kindle reader, but we are very busy making sure it is on other platforms also.
Watch this space.

When struggling film maker Connie Berringer goes to her local to drown her financial sorrows in cheap wine, mysterious stranger Jack Sinclair offers to buy her a drink claiming she’s beautiful. She begrudgingly accepts to ease her wallet, but is too smart to be fooled by the line. When the drink arrives, it’s not a beer, but a fifteen thousand dollar bottle of Grange Hermitage. Connie’s interest in Jack Sinclair dramatically changes, only to find he’s vanished.
Over the next few days Jack will turn up at the most unexpected moments rapidly becoming a crucial part of Connie’s world, and soon, an exciting adventure in the bedroom. Connie discovers a self in Jack’s arms she never knew, including the depths of passion she is capable of and the lengths Jack will go to stimulate that passion. Jack sees something in Connie he wants, but his search for it in the past will come back to haunt him, resurfacing as a threat to the new relationship he’s found.

Sophisticated, erotic, witty and tantalizing, Spellbound reaches into the broad sweep of the soul from the suspenseful drama of a homage to Hitchcock to the slow ticklish thrill of a completely romantic romance. 

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